RV Electrical

Vehicle diagnostics and general automotive repair

We'll perform a complete analysis of electrical problems on your car, van or pickup. We can install alternators and starters along with other electrical repairs to your vehicle. We can also do installation of add-on components. Common maintenance items such as cooling system flush, transmission flush, wipers, fluid check, fuel injector cleaning and more are available at our Yakima, WA auto and RV repair shop!

Complete Rebuilding of Starters, Alternators and Generators:

We repair all types of automotive and industrial units, including DC motors of all voltages. We can test and supply all makes of DC voltage regulators. We also repair and supply DC hydraulic motors for lift-gates and marine tilt / trim motors. Contact us for all of your DC electrical needs or questions.


We Rebuild Starters and Alternators

We have a complete line of rebuilt units ready to go covering automotive and industrial applications. We carry a complete inventory of units to fit most foreign automobile applications.30SI alternator In addition to this, we stock many of the heavy duty starters and alternators in 12 and 24 volts to keep down-time to a minimum, for our commercial customers on the go. We still receive many calls to repair many of the older 6 volt units and still have many parts to fit these units in stock. In addition we can furnish 12 volt alternators and starters to convert these systems to 12 volts. We have four experienced rebuilders in house to repair any industrial unit that we do not carry and quickly get you up and running again. Give us a call and we can advise you ahead of time on this.


Partial list of brands of starters and alternators we carry parts for:

  • Bosch - Used on many automotive and industrial applications. Bosh is seen on many of the European vehicles.
  • Chrysler - Alternators and starters used on Chrysler vehicles.
  • Delco Remy - Still the most popular units in our area in automotive, commercial fleets and industrial.
  • Hitachi - Alternators and starters used on many of the foreign vehicles, both automotive and industrial.
  • Iskra - Industrial alternators and motors used on a variety of applications.
  • Lucas - Seen on many of the English vehicles, it is also used on Ford and Massey Ferguson tractors here in the USA.
  • Magnet Marelli - Alternators and starters used in automotive and agricultural applications.
  • Mitsubishi - Alternators and starters used on many foreign applications. Mitsubishi alternators are used on some of the Ford vehicles.
  • Motorcraft - Alternators and starters used on Ford vehicles in automotive and industrial applications.
  • C. E. Niehoff & Co. - A company that has industrial and heavy duty brush less alternators used primarily on agricultural and emergency vehicles.
  • Nikko - Units used primarily for industrial applications.
  • Nippondenso - Alternators and starters seen on a wide variety of equipment, both automotive and industrial.
  • Prestolite - This company has purchased the former Motorola and Leece Neville companies and now offers products under the Leece Neville and Prestolite name.
  • S.E.V. Marchell - Alternators used primarily in Marine applications.
  • United Technologies - Starters and industrial motors used in many small engine, winch and light industrial applications.


Complete RV Electrical Repair:

We can solve all types of electrical problems on your RV. We can handle multiple battery system problems, along with complete repair of your Converter or Isolator system. In addition we can handle your 120 volt AC needs whether it be Transfer Switch problems or your AC Generator. We can also handle solar power systems.



We stock the full line of Sure Power products including:

  • Battery Isolators
  • Duvac II Converters and Equalizers
  • Super Duty Flashers
  • Voltage Reducers
  • Sure Power Industries


If you add additional AC power sources to your RV, such as a battery inverter, you must make sure that it also has a transfer switch or you will need to install an additional one. Again, all AC power sources must be protected from each other! An exception to this is a small inverter that has its own receptacle outlet and lets you plug an appliance (VCR etc.) directly into it. This unit is not connected into the breaker panel. Once the power gets to the breaker panel it is routed to the various AC devices normally with Romex style wire, with various junction boxes and switches. If you have AC problems the first place to check is your AC power cord. This cord takes a lot of abuse and if it shows signs of heat (melted plastic) or is loose at the plug-in connection, than this should be replaced. Also carefully examine any adapters you may have. I hope this gives you a better idea of how the AC power is distributed in an RV.


We Sell Battery Separators, Batteries, and Cables:

We have a complete line of automotive and industrial batteries to meet your needs. We carry a complete selection of battery cable ends and welding cable to custom make your battery cables or any special needs such as disconnect switches. We also can custom make speedometer cables and ratio boxes to fit most automotive and industrial needs and carry a complete line of gauges. We can correct most speedometers reading incorrectly due to tire size changes etc, by using a ratio box. We carry a variety of DC lights and can meet most of your lighting needs. CONTACT SMITH AUTO FOR ANY DC ELECTRICAL NEEDS YOU MAY HAVE.




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